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The Art District

      The Movement is housed at The Art District, a 9,000 square foot artist's playground. 



     1. a group of individuals working together to advance their shared artistic ideas

The Art District defined:

  • Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

  • District: a division of territory

Our Space Includes:

  • 4 Theatre Sized Dance Studios equipped with Harlequin Marley Sprung Flooring (Studios A, B, C & D)

  • Performance Theatre with Stadium Seating (Studio A)

  • Recording Studio (Studio 2)

  • Spacious Student Lounge with viewing TV for Studio A, B, C & D

  • Contemporary Lobby with viewing TV's for Studio A, B, C & D

  • The Art District Boutique

  • The Snack Bar

  • The Cardio Spot with viewing TV for Studio A, B, C & D

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